Monday, July 19, 2010

Photos of our lovely Unit.

Here we finally have some photos of the Unit that we are staying in. It has been provided by the Leukaemia Foundation for the duration of Venita's treatment. We have been very blessed by the support we have received from the Foundation.

Check out the playground! Ezekiel is going to have a ball here.
It's right outside our back door too.


Krista said...

Wow, that is a real blessing!!! We didn't think to contact the Leukemia Foundation when I went through my overwhelmed at the time with the treatment itself. Probably a bit in denial at the time not knowing what to expect. Thanks for sharing your story, your video and in your time of hardship, giving to us a blessing of guys are wonderful lovers of Christ I can see. We'll be praying for Venita from Santa Barbara, CA USA as she goes through her treatments...Krista

Venita said...

Thanks Krista for your comments and prayers. We have been very blessed with the unit and also with it being all organised for us by our Social Worker. We didn't have to do a thing other than to arrive with all our stuff. By stuff I only mean Ezekiel's baby stuff as the unit was also fully furnished! God has been very good to us and opened the doors just at the right time. That would have been very hard for you, not having the extra support. What a shame. I am just so glad to hear that you have come through, hopefully the hardest part, with such a great testimony and attitude.
Thanks Venita.