Sunday, July 25, 2010

Venita & Ezekiel are both in hospital now.

Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you all know what has been happening. Venita is now onto Day 5 of her first course of treatment. The 1st dose of 5 doses was administered on Wednesday however due to an allergic reaction overnight Wednesday night it was stopped so this now means instead of finishing today, there will be a catchup dose administered tomorrow.

After this, then she will be starting the next course of drugs, which from what we understand is the nastier of the two. So far Venita is feeling well and doesn't seem to be suffering any further side effects due to the rate being slowed down and anti-reaction drugs etc given before starting the doses in order to counteract any reactions.

In the meantime however, Ezekiel has become unwell and was admitted to the Women's & Children's Hospital this morning. He hasn't been able to keep his minimum fluids down, has been refusing food and is showing signs of respiratory problems once again. The Specialists have been concerned that this would happen and now it also means Venita will not be able to see Ezekiel until he is completely well due to the risk of infection. Poor Allan, who has been doing such a great job, is now stuck between two hospitals as well as trying to look after himself. Please pray that he will be able to get some much needed rest today and that he will continue to stay well.

Thanks everyone for all your love and support.


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Noel Koskela said...

Hi Guys.
I have finally gotten around to doing this all be it very slow on my part. What a journey you are all having. I think of you all daily and pray for you and a great outcome in the end. Keep up the good fight and know that you are all in good hands in God. Love you all.
Noel Koskela